Catherine and Salina watched the entire battle from their hidden spot across the field. The moment Salina witnessed some spiders lingering for an opportunity to strike down Tejasv and Daemon, she squinted her eyes and stretched the string of the bow.

Her gaze fixed on the target, and she let go of the arrow while aiming for the spiders precisely. However, her hands moved swiftly, and she released three or four more arrows on the rest of the spiders around Tejasv and Daemon.

She slightly grinned with a deep sigh of relief. Every time she used her skills to aid and support her team, a surge of pride rose in her heart. Her chest widening, she resumed her aim for the next time any other spiders attempted something similar.

However, she didn’t intend to strike another repeated series of barrages of arrows on the spiders since Tejasv had warned her against this particular thing. When she asked Tejasv for the reason for the direct order of not attacking the spiders directly, he smirked in an
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