Oh my God! What is this man doing here?

Hailey and I were at the mall at the shoe store trying to get our claws on the new arrivals. My mate had just walked into the same store but went over to the men’s section. Surreptitiously, I observed his movements as he spoke to the attendant who was flirting with him. I rolled my eyes and tore them away from him. I did not need to see that gut-wrenching scene.

'Mate.' My wolf urged me to go to him, as usual.

I blocked her for the time being, but he would be able to scent me and sense my wolf. So I repeated inner supplications, please don’t come over here.

Hastily, I grabbed Hailey by the arm and pulled her, “Let’s go and check out the new department store on the third floor.”

“No, I am not done yet.” Hailey frowned and stopped me, “Look at these!” She held a pair of silver lace-up pumps in strappy heels of a luxurious brand, “I’ve got to try these on.” She sang as her face lit up and went to the stool to sit for the try on.

Defeated, I perused the shelf to see if there were any other shoes that I might have liked. Previously, I had chosen four pairs that I was grandly satisfied with. As I continued to browse, his scent drew near.

Yep, he was coming to me.

Just my luck!

"Ladies," he formerly greeted. He stood with his hands in his jeans pockets and sent me a heated gaze.

Because of his title, I bowed my head in full respect to acknowledge him in the presence of Hailey.

"Would it be alright if I treated you both, today?" He asked with a wry smile.

"Sure," Hailey zealously accepted, which caused a knot to twist in my stomach.

I glared at him, and made an excuse, "I've got to study for a test so I'm going to have to skip." I walked to cash my stuff as I gave the cashier the boxes of shoes, one at a time.

"I'll cover their bills," his authoritative tone left no room for objections as he told the cashier, who was very nervous.

The protest was silenced by the awareness that I cannot argue with him in public, lest others would think I should be punished for insubordination. I tapped my fingers on the glass counter as I waited for the lousy cashier to finish cashing.

Giving her his credit card, he stretches his hand so that it brushes against my arm and the stinging sparks erupted through me. I bit my tongue to fight the upshots.

"Sianna, I have to stop by the salon to do my hair." Hailey pursed her lips because we would have to split up. "It needs clipping."

Before I could bat my eyes, he said, "I'll give her a ride." He was being Mr. Nice today.

Hailey hugs me and leaves. I gritted my teeth. I did not want to be alone with this man. He had gone from being my mate to a stalker.

Last night he crept onto my social media page, dropping tons of compliments and some old lyric lines that annoyed the hell out of me. I give zero damns about him.

"I know you're trying to get in between my legs, and it'll be a cold day in hell because that's not happening. Nothing you do impresses me." I boldly remarked after I took my bags from the cashier and we exited the store.

"That's not what I'm trying to do," he contradicted lowly.

"So why are you pressing me?" My voice was laced with vehement exasperation.

"I'm claiming what's mine." He defended with much love and passion, "Till the end of time, you will be loved and cared for by me.".

"Your claim is in vain," I snapped. He motioned to carry my bags and I declined.

"I'm sure the other person isn't quite like me, Sianna. That boy is incapable of treating you with the same care and consideration that I can," he mused seductively.

Ceasing my steps, I turned to glare at him from the right. But then I recalled that I did not want to be seen recurrently with him because that would encourage the gossipers to propagate false rumors about us having an affair.

I digressed and resumed walking, wishing that this insufferable man would get the picture and accept the rejection.

Once in the parking lot, he unlocked the car and I climbed inside. He waits until I have buckled the seatbelt before he drives. 

"Did you like the pony?" He inquired with a delectable smile.

"I torched it," I hurled at his ego.

"And the Beyonce concert tickets?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I gave them away," On impulse, I flung this to bruise his pride.

"And the bracelet?" His tone got threateningly deep.

"I melted it." I shot this one at his heart and resisted the inherent submission that tried to overtake my voice. The jewel was a classy diamond-studded 24-karat rose-pattern bracelet that bore my name on it. A lot of considerations went into it.

He grimaced in silence while retaining his focus on the road. When he pulled up at the entrance of my driveway, I felt the need to repent. The fault was on him for making me treat him so savagely.

"Look," I began my moment of truth, "I don't mean to hurt you, but my heart belongs to Curtis." I paused when he emitted a growl, then continued, "I will not leave him for you. We genuinely love each other. So please find another woman to be yours."

His jaws clenched and eyes dilated pitch black. Notably, his wolf was evolving with a monstrous aura and before he could utter a word, I sped out of the car, into my house and locked the door without glancing back.

Hopefully, now he understands.



It has been two weeks since I met my ex-mate. I could feel that he was around somewhere but I ignored him every time. Curtis was the man I should pay attention to.

The mating ball ceremony would soon take place at the Crimson Hyde Pack which is our neighboring pack. Originally, Curtis and I decided not to attend because we were already committed to each other. The thought that he would meet his mate there bothered me a lot, and I always developed a queasy feeling in my stomach.

But we had promised each other not to attend as it was enough for us to have each other. I was complacent with the current status of our relationship.

The only issue was that after moving back home to complete my studies online, I thought that it would create for us to spend more time together. But instead, his elite training was taking him to all parts of the world to prove that he was sufficiently versatile to fulfill his role to our Alpha.

I sighed in relief that I did not have to be a part of the hustle and bustle that the other members of the pack endured in getting their hair and nails done, and shopping for that ideal dress or tuxedo. Plus, having to leave overnight to arrive at the hotel in time to unpack and make the necessary preparations. Because of that, the café wasn’t busy today. Most wolves greatly anticipated their mates, but not including Curtis and me.

The mate bond is extremely powerful, and our touch affects each other. It not only gives you sparks and tingles, butterflies, and makes your heart flutter, but it also helps to relieve pain, heal, and strengthen your wolf. On top of that, there’s an instantly passionate attraction that constantly engulfs us toward our mates.

So Hailey spared me some time today. She was sitting across from me at the table in the café looking eager and perplexed at what was the deal with me. “So what’s on your mind?”

I sighed and sat down with her as I stared out the glass window into the busy street as the vehicles passed by. “I met my mate.”

Hailey squealed in excitement and inquired, “Well, who is he?” Her bubbling personality emerged with imploring eyes.

I was not going to tell her that juicy detail, except the dilemma that he refused to accept the rejection. “I would rather not say, but I rejected him just as Curtis and I had planned.”

She frowned.

“Curtis and I pledged our undying love for each other. It’s just a matter of time before he marks me and we get married. That will happen in the one-week break that he gets as soon as his training is completed.” I continued.

“I didn’t think that the both of you were that serious about rejecting your mates.” She sulked and supped on her free milkshake. “I think it’s bad to fall in love with anyone who isn’t your mate, but I respect your decision. Just tell me how that went down.”

“Don’t forget that you had countless short-lived affairs in high school too!”

“That’s because I refuse to be tied down by anyone who’s not my mate.” She casually explained.

I balled my hands into a fist nervously on the table surface before curtly looking into her eyes and made her swear to secrecy. “You must not tell anyone at all about this, alright?”

Hailey nodded.

So I continued, “I mean absolutely no one at all!”

“You have my word, Sianna. Now spill!”

“I rejected him but he wants some time before he decides whether to accept the rejection or not.”

“And it gets interesting…..” Hailey’s mouth formed into an “O” shape, “Ooooooh!” She liked to exclaim her favorite phrase with a smirk on her face until I glared at her. “You might have to tell Curtis about this.”

“I don’t want him to get insecure and think that he could lose me.” My head went from side to side in order to indicate my refusal. Who would want a love triangle with irrelevant drama anyway? “I want Curtis to be focused on his elite training so that he can fulfill his dreams. He loves being militant.”

“You know, the longer the rejection takes to be completed, the more the mate bond will grow.” She slurped loudly as she emptied the last contents of the milkshake in the glass.

I sighed again knowing how true that statement was. “I haven’t seen him for a while now. Maybe when he sees how good Curtis and I are to each other he will accept defeat.”

“Or kill him.” She became dramatic. “He might challenge him for you.” Her eyes twinkled with intrigue. “Mates are jealous and territorial. Don’t play around with this.” She warned profusely. “Aren’t you one of the lucky one when I have yet to find my mate?” She retorted.

“You will be at the mating ceremony so I am optimistic for you!” Chances are they will mate the same night.

Hailey was a virgin and dumped her previous boyfriends once they wanted to take things further. Coming from the Beta family, she was popular, confident, and wild but pompous at times.

Hailey rolled her eyes at me. “Is your mate from this pack? At least tell me that!”

I hesitated, “Yes.”

She smirked even more. “Alright, my advice is to avoid him as much as possible, or make him hate you.”

I hope that I really could do that but mates have a way of wanting to be close to you. Maybe I should have another talk with him and warn him to stay away, or maybe I should lie to him and tell him that I am already pregnant for my boyfriend. I could always say that I had a miscarriage as soon as he accepted the rejection.

A thousand thoughts were streaming through my mind, but which one would be the most ideal? I was not the scheming type, but I felt that I needed a strategy to make this man not want to have anything to do with me, but where we could also be civil about it.

I looked at my best friend who was goading at me. “I will most definitely try but I need to plan ahead of time for when we next have our encounter.”

Hailey glanced at her watch. “I have to go now but we will text each other.” She hurriedly kissed me with a frown and headed out. She had to go shopping with her Mom for her dress for the ceremony. I understood as I watched her leave, got into the car, and drove away.

As time went by slowly, I scrolled online to do some schoolwork. I visited my social media page and checked my messages.

I sent my Mom and Dad a funny video that Curtis had sent me this morning. My Dad loved watching people be silly while Mom was polar opposite and didn’t get the humor most times. She thought that people should always be productive.

A customer came in and read her book while having the sandwich which she ordered. Was it coincidental that the title of her book was “Backlash: Denying the Fates.” Was that to badger my conscience? I wondered what the book was about, so I asked, “Is there any truth to that?”


“I’m sorry but I noticed the title of your book and I wondered if there are consequences for those who reject their mate?”

“Oh,” She remarked in realization. “My grandma always said that anything that is naturally ordained would already have its place and function in the world. To go against your destiny changes the outcome of your life.”

“An outcome could be good too, right?”

“Most times the one who does the blunder or the rejection will have some consequence to face.” She explained, “But you are not marked as yet.”

“No.” I stood with the hand cloth in my hand that I use to wipe the table tops. I noticed her mate’s mark on her neck.

“He will find you. Don’t give up. The mate bond is a blessing and no one could love you more.”

“Thank you. Sorry to disturb your reading. I enjoyed talking to you.”

“You are so pleasant and friendly. This is my favorite café so it’s alright.”

“Enjoy the rest of your day.” I walked back around the counter. Her two friends joined her shortly and they ordered juices, then they all left. Tara, my boss had gone to her accountant to submit last month’s inventory files. I counted down the minutes before it was five o’clock.

Curtis would be picking me up from work today. I got up and went to get my purse from the back office. I heard the beeping of the horn within five minutes. I rushed to open the doors and ran into his open arms. Curtis hugged me tightly and I was so excited to see him.

Heaven knows that I needed some tender loving care tonight. He kissed me long and passionately. He bit my lower lip and I opened my mouth and gasped as he inserted his tongue and played with mine.

 “That was an exceptional kiss.” He joked lovingly.

“Only because you are just coming back from your best friend’s pack.” I pecked his lips. “It’s been three weeks since I last saw you. Please tell me that you are home for good now.”

He sighed and release me from the embrace. “I should be spending more time with you here.”

In the alliances between packs, there are times when warriors are sent to aid with rogue issues, or are training with other warriors that needed a special skillset. Curtis was trying to become an elite warrior which would have him under the third branch in the warrior structure.

So there was the Gamma or Head Warrior which was third in command to the Alpha. Then, the Gamma would have his elites under him and they all have a set of warriors to supervise. With our pack being so large, a lot of supervision was required. The Alpha ensured that even the omegas, which were of the lowest rank would get training for survival means.

We got into the car and he headed to my house. My parents left a note to say that they went into town for dinner so we were all alone. We made it to my room and as soon as we got in we started a long kissing session as Curtis slammed the door shut.

He tasted so good, and he was a great kisser. He had me on the bed in the dominating position of being on top. I immediately cupped his face and kissed him. He smiled while kissing me. He kissed my ears and made his way down to my neck. I ran my fingers through his tousled silk-blond hair and searched for his lips to return to mine.

His hands roamed until he found the opening of my blouse and rip it apart. Then he squeezed my right breast and lowered his head to pull out my left breast to suck it. God, I had missed him so much and so did he. I hoped we could spend a long steamy night today.

His phone started to ring and he tried to break away to get it. It was so annoying.

I mumbled for him to ignore it as I held on to him tightly. “Just leave it. I miss you.”

He used his strength to tear himself away as his face went pale and answered before I could get another word in.

I couldn’t hear the conversation and I frowned.

The only thing that he said from his end was, “Ok” “Yes” “I understand” and “I will take care of it.”

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