My wolf began prancing in my head as the Gamma stared at me intently. I felt like he was undressing me, so I moved uncomfortably to get around the counter. My nerves were spiraling and I thought to myself, just be calm. They will leave eventually. Ignore them and do your job, Sianna.

The Gamma kept smirking at me and he came to the counter to make the order for himself and the other two. I smiled and refused to meet his eyes.

He gave his order politely, “I’ll have three breakfast sandwiches with an espresso, and two coffee. Make sure one of the coffee is black and the others with cream.”

“Would that be to go?” I asked as I punched up the cash register. I didn’t have to look at his face to see his cool but flirting demeanor. His silence forced me to look at him and he licked his lips at me.

“Ahem,” I cleared my thoughts, hoping to dismiss his advances. The other two watched us in amusement. I was not going to entertain them. Why aren’t they at the pack house running the pack? “Is that to go, Gamma Blayne?”

“Nope, we are having it here.” He smiled again. Fuck! Can’t they just leave already? “I will wait at the table.”

I hurried to get Tara in the back so that she could help with the order. I was on nerves and afraid that I might make a mistake and cause them to make a scene.

“Tara, the Alpha is here with the Beta and Gamma. I need help serving them.”

She bolted from her chair in the office and immediately went straight to greet the men, then came back to help me make the sandwiches. As the three most powerful men in the pack, if anything went wrong, it could be taken as a disrespect. Disrespect never went unpunished. They might not kill you, but they have their ways of making pain unbearable.

Tara delivered the items to their table and she chatted with them a little before excusing herself. I could feel their eyes on me, always watching my steps, but I wiped counters and equipment in vain as they ate.

They were talking about the top ten persons who were being considered to be added to the elite team. They mentioned Curtis' name a lot and it pleased me. I knew that he could do it!

I tried to take surreptitious glances at their table but this time all three individuals were looking at me. Persistently, their eyes watched my every action. I turned my back to them and quickly went to the bathroom with notifying Tara that I was taking a leak. I stayed a good ten minutes, and by the time that I got back to the front they were gone.

“Rogues were spotted at the border seeking refuge and they had to leave.” Tara informed me. “They will let the pack know if these rogues are a threat, so stay alert, Sianna.”

I nodded as she stated again. “The Gamma commented that he hoped you liked the flowers before he left. He was hoping to ask you about them before leaving.” Tara was getting to a point. “I thought they were from Curtis, weren’t they?”

How do I get out of this one? I needed a quick cover. “Curtis must have asked him to deliver them on his behalf. Even though it was a bit weird, huh?”

“Maybe that means that Curtis made it into the elite warriors.” She squealed excitedly. “Good for him and you too.”

Customers came in one after the other and I didn’t get a break until my lunch time. When I checked my phone I saw that there was an unread message. I anxiously opened up the message from the unknown number. It wasn’t familiar to the first unknown number as I had blocked that one already.

-Message (him): You looked very beautiful today. I like that you curled your hair. It made you look cuter. I would like to take you on a date soon. Feel free to text me back at any one of my numbers. If you try to block me again, I will have my tech guy hack your phone and unblock me (smiley face emoji).

-Me: When will you cut the crap? There will be no date at all. I will not take back my rejection.

-Him: Why don’t you co-operate? Or I could announce to the pack that you are my mate. How would your beloved boyfriend like that? Do you think that he would challenge me for you?

I almost wanted to squash my phone with my wolf strength at the frustration that was pilling up now. I ran my finger through my hair trying to calm myself down.

-Me: Do you think that using threats will make me want you?

-Him: I am doing what is necessary to interact with my mate. You are important to me and I won’t let you get away! The gifts and sending the flowers is only the beginning of what I will do to win your heart. You are mine, Sianna, but you are trying to keep me a secret. That won’t work!

-Me: Enough with the texting! I will let you know when I am free. I have exams coming up and I need to study. Go back to your rogue duties.

-Him: You have three days to give me a date night time so that I can schedule it.

-Me: Being overbearing doesn’t work on me, Mister!

-Him: Three days and that’s final.

I didn’t respond back and he stopped texting. I was sulking and wondering how long I could possibly keep this thing a secret. Obviously, he wanted our bond to be known to others. I wasn’t having it. I went back to work and was happy in the afternoon when the customer flow was low.

It appeared that the rogues wanted refuge since my mate got the time to be texting me. There were laws in the werewolf kingdom for everyone. Rogues had to be offered the chance to join any pack of their choice by taking the blood drinking oath with the Alpha. This alleviated the chance of betrayal because Alphas had a special bond with their pack members.

It was raining now and it meant that there wouldn’t be any more customers, so Tara decided to send me home early to study. I called an Uber and got home in fifteen minutes.

I texted Curtis to let him know I missed him direly. His only response was “ditto.” I sent a text to Mom and Dad letting them know that I was home and would be making dinner this evening when another message came in.

-Him: By the way, in case you have forgotten how the mate bond works, once you get intimate with anyone else, I would know. Because I would feel the pain. Consider this a warning with that boyfriend of yours. If you sleep with him, he’s as good as dead! Take care my Firecat (heart emoji).

“Ugh!!!” Damn this disgusting man! Who the hell did he think he was? My wolf was elated that our mate was giving us his attention, but I was not having it.

No dick for me for three long horny months. No!!!! How do I explain this to Curtis?

Sadly, I waited for the phone sex, which never came. And not even an excuse followed.




The next day, I left the café a little early to visit the car mart. Yes, it was about time I acquired a car so that I could get around more easily. Taking a cab or Uber was too inconvenient, and I refuse to have to allow a certain someone to offer me rides home.

In theory, my mate does not seem bad in the way he tries so hard to woo me, but Curtis was the one who gave me my happiest memories since high school and comforted me during my darkest moments.

The fascinating factoid is that my mate always had his interest in other women and never once expressed any sign of attraction to me before the mate bond. So why should I give him the time of day when I was invisible to him the entire time?

His tight acquaintance with my parents would highlight my existence and I have often been at the pack house. Yet, in the past, he would rather pay heed to the slutty type for an easy lay. How tragic?!

From my monthly allowance, I got enough saved to buy a cheap automobile. Unfortunately, it would have to be a second hand in order for Curtis and I to set aside other funds for a down payment on a house. We were capitalizing on saving towards that objective instead of relying on our parents.

I stood in the center of the enormous lot among the variety of vehicles for sale and was approached by a salesman.

"Good afternoon, young lady. What type of vehicle are you looking to purchase?" He was slim built and neatly dressed in the dealership uniform with a boy-band haircut. No doubt that he was an omega.

"I've got ten thousand dollars to spend on a used car. What are my options?" My lips thinned as I waited for him to give me a list.

"Let's see," he smiled and enthusiastically ushered me to follow him a few more paces. "Starting from the Nissan Leaf to the Mazda at the end, would fall in that price range." he used his fingers to guide my vision, "They are all five years and under."

Scrutinizing the vehicles, I closely vetted them, checking for rust or body damage, and interior issues.

"I'll take the 2015 Chrysler 200," I finalized.

"Great choice!" He cheered, but of course he would have said that despite what I had chosen. "Please come with me to get the paperwork sorted."

My eyes admired the brand-new vehicles as I strode behind him. He took me into a compact office that was adjacent to the wide parking area. While looking out the window and thinking of my dream car, I spotted it and jumped in delight.

"Can I test drive a car?" I was adamant in my request.

"Sure. Since I have already verified your driver's license, you may test drive any car that you would like," he gently informed me.

"I'd like the Saab Aero-X" I shamelessly squealed.

Shaking his head with some understanding of my excitement, he leads me to the car as the entire midsection of the car lifts like a sci-fi space police vehicle.

I got behind the wheels, grinning like a Cheshire cat and rubbing my palms against the interior and dashboard.

Starting the car, I slowly reversed and took it to the streets. I turned on the radio to pump music and enjoyed myself along the open road. Note to self, I am going to own a car like this one day.

My phone rang and I fished it out of my clutch purse. As I tried to answer my Mom, a young white-tailed deer being chased by a bear swiftly emerged from the forest and appeared in front of me on the roadway.

"Oh goddess!"

Losing control of the vehicle, it veered off the road and crashed into a general Sherman tree after hitting the bear. My head hit against the window and my vision temporarily blurred.

Panic increased as reality struck in, and I'm in shock. This had to be a nightmare.


"This is terrible!"

The front of the car was completely wrecked and I had sustained several fractured bones. My own blood curdles in my mouth and I swallowed. The car won't open for me to get out and with my injuries, I cannot use my wolf's strength.

Damn, I need help.

Bummer, I can't call my parents.


Without them, I couldn't afford this car, and they'd have my head. Curtis is not here and Hailey will not have the money either. I unbuckled the seatbelt and palmed my face. Who else could I rely on?

The dealer was bound to be suspicious when they noticed that their car did not return on time. And with this added expense, purchasing the Chrysler had to be aborted.


Resting my head on the steering wheel, my mind goes blank, but I must resolve this mess.

Enduring my pounding headache, I picked up my phone, went into my messages, and from there I dialed a number. Regrettably, this person might be my only way out of this.

The phone rings.

Thump, thump, my drumming heartbeat burns my chest.

Is he going to pick up?

I'm holding my breath.

Oh goddess, it's still ringing. My anxiety heightens.

"Firecat?" His tone was decorated with astonishment.

Tightly shutting my eyes, I responded, "I'm sorry to disturb you but..."

"What's wrong?" His concern was discernible.

"I am on Windsor Street and I had an accident," my faint voice struggled to get the words out.

"I'm on my way."

Just like that, the call terminated and I lost consciousness.


Floating in the air, my eyes opened to see my mate's arms around me. He gently laid me down on the grass and soothed me.

"Are you hurting anywhere?" he asked.

"No," my body felt recovered and the sparks comforted both me and my wolf as his scent protruded a calming effect.

"Were you attacked?" he pries, and I felt him restraining his emotions.

"It was a wild bear that came in the road," I explained. "I tried not to hit it."

Leaning upwards, I cringed and looked back at the car. I'm so dead. Dread filled my soul as it drizzled in.

"Tell me what's the problem," he encouraged as he elevated my chin.

Looking into his coaxing eyes, I want to tell him how this leaves me in a financial deficit but stalled to drag him into that. it was good enough that he came and got me.

"Firecat, I'm here to help you with everything," he claims with a note of affection, "There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you."

Hesitating with doubts about the sincerity of his declaration, I briefly gazed at him as I processed my thoughts.

"Whose car is that?" he probed, since I hadn't fully explained that aspect of my demise.

"It belongs to Auto Pros & Bros." I folded my lips to hide the slight tremor. Blinking quickly, I drew in a breath to reconstitute myself. Tears welled in my eyes, but I should not let him see me cry. He kissed my forehead and allowed me to lean against him, burying my face in his chest. "I....I...."

"Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything," he consoles, holding me close. His arms felt like home. They produced a tingling warmth that made me want to stay in them forever.

"I can't afford to pay for the damage." Helpless sobs left me. "I'm sorry," I wailed. "I shouldn't have called you."

Under no circumstances was this man to see me this weak and vulnerable. That made me cry harder. Rubbing my back, he kissed the crown of my head.

"I'll take you to your Mom at the clinic," he motioned to carry me.

"No, don't do that," Snapping my head to look at him, I hurriedly stopped his action.

He tilts his head to the side, questioningly.

"I don't want her to find out about the accident." Timidly, I annotated, "That's why I called you."

"Alright. Let me take you home, then" he says, after thoroughly examining my body to ensure a full recovery. Then he lifts me into his arms with such tenderness and climbs into his Porsche convertible. He settles me into his lap and drives with one hand on the steering wheel, as I cling to his soaked shirt.

Frantic burdens me about how I am going to pay for that car. "Um, shouldn't we talk to the car dealer?" I wasn't going to dodge my obligation. Rightly, I should go back to them and explain, then negotiate a repayment strategy. Regardless of it delaying my savings for a while.

"I'll take care of it," he announced like it was trivial.

"How?" My mind was processing things slowly.

"I'll cover everything," he leisurely conveys with indifference.

"What? Why?" This was my problem, not his. He didn't have to go that far. I always figured my way out of my own shit, eventually.

I exhaled heavily. Curtis might be mad at me for derailing our financial plans.

"I'm yours, my love," was all that he said in a low voice.

My wolf dozed in contentment as she idolized the utopia-like moment with our mate. We felt his wolf reacting to us, as well. I relaxed my body to the rhythmic sounds of his heartbeat and let him take charge of everything.

Without consent, he took me directly to my bedroom and laid me in bed. My heart wrenched when he withdrew from me. He did not try to cross the line and I knew how difficult it was for him.

In all fairness, I owe this man, and there were possibilities that we could get along. We could be wonderful friends in the future once he lets go of his obsession to possess me.

Silently, he cups my cheeks, lost in his own thoughts. It's frightening to be alone with this man. My heart thudded wildly and the temptation to embrace him chivvied me.

"How will I repay you?" I was bothered about the favor that would be indebted to him.

"Think of it as a gift," he winks, kisses my forehead and turns to leave.

Halting for an unknown reason, my eyes followed the trail of his. Holy crap! He spotted the pony on the shelf and smugly smiled. Covering the flush on my face with my palms, I heard the door shut. Thank heavens, he vacated the room without another word.

The softness of his lips had incited my torturous arousal. The man was a walking aphrodisiac. For the first time in a long time, I tossed my panties aside and masturbated to rid myself of the sexual tension inhabiting in my core. Intrusive images of him infiltrated my mentality as I stroked my clitoris and fingered my inner walls. As the pressure built and I yearned for a pair of hands to roam my erogenous areas, I moaned and clung to my sheets.

After my climax, I concluded that it was a grave mistake to call him earlier. Because I reached out to him today, I hope he did not get the impression that I would entertain him.

I dare not imagine how tenaciously his pursuit might ratchet up after this. I'll do my best to turn him off. More than ever, the strategy remained to avoid him.

Curtis, please hurry home. My mate needs to see how happy we are together.

Onielia Lawrence

How do you feel about Sianna running to her mate for help?

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She is using him... why not call her own parents? Why answer a phone while driving? She should take responsibility for her actions and figure her own way out...Also, how could she not know that by being intimate with Curtis that her mate wouldnt feel it? And Curtis with his "ditto" replies irks me..
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Hailey Sinclair
I'm shaking my head
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Melissa Wilson
Oh you just wait you foolish girl!!

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