I took a long look at myself in the mirror before leaving the hotel room. I met up with the guys, Mike, Jobe, and Cody in the ball room. This was a large rectangular spacious room 166 by 100 feet with a wide opening that lead to the pool outdoors.

It was surrounded by elongated glass windows and several crystal chandeliers that decorated the 25 foot ceiling with star shaped lights. The theme color was white and gold in drapes and silver tapestry.

I shouldn’t have been here in the first place but my dad never gave me a chance to avoid it. Sianna was a beautiful girl and I have loved her all my life. I’ve had a crush on her since middle school and never got the courage to approach her until high school. I was so shocked when she agreed to go on a date with me. I vowed to cherish her forever.

I was lucky to have her because she was caring, kind and sweet. She was passionate about helping others too and I loved seeing her in her element when she assisted her mom at the clinic and hospital. I knew that she was missing me and I missed her warmth, her scent and her presence.

I have been away for months at other packs with the Gamma and his deputy to assist with training up their warriors. Each candidate for the elite position went through training and then had to assist the Gamma in his duties to showcase our skills and competencies.

Task were assigned and failure wasn’t an option. We had to be quick thinking and girded with problem-solving skills. We represented the Alpha of Alphas or High Alpha as some call him, and we were a proud species of werewolf.

I was in the top ten of the candidates that showed strong potential of being successful in joining the elites. Sianna supported my dreams and believed in me. She lifted my spirits whenever I was down or in doubt. She’s the woman I wanted to come home to at the end of the day.

I had been looking into some real estate lately. I wanted to get us an apartment or house for ourselves soon. My parents wanted me to follow in my father’s footstep of being an engineer but I loved fighting for the people that I loved. My grandma was killed by rogues and I wanted to be the best so that I could keep threats out of our living environment.

Protecting my family was a priority. Rogues have killed too many especially during the great war. So here I was pouring myself a glass of punch as the guys talked on. I thought I spotted Hailey at one time but I tried to hide just in case it was really her. I am not in the mood to deal with her talkative personality. Plus, she’d be forcing me into activities that I was not down for.

Knowing her, she’d have gained some new friends already. Besides, if she knew that I was here she would tell Sianna, and then I would be bombarded with too many questions. I didn’t want Sianna to doubt my love for her but I was in a tight spot. I was handling my dad and this would be over as soon as the days went by. I couldn’t have her mad at me. I was under enough pressure as it was.

“These girls are sizzling!” exclaimed Cody. He was the nerd of the group and apparently very shy to approach anyone despite his outburst.

“We’d better start mingling,” eagerly Mike approached a girl as he dragged along his best friend Jobe with him. I stayed put with Cody.

My life was on the right path. As an elite, the alpha assesses our training once per week. The warriors aid the elites, and the elites support the Gamma. Elites eventual get their team of warrior but we all operate on the schedule and assignments as appointed by the Gamma, who was still unmated and isn’t even here.

I didn’t care to meet my mate because I had my girlfriend at home. We agreed to reject our mates but the problem was if I met her tonight there would be a record done and submitted to the Alphas of the packs where each person was from.

The Alpha knew many of the pack members personally through our bond to him and when they are tasked with certain functions within the pack. In a whim of a moment, when he looks into your eyes, his wolf can know most things about you.

They have a way of recording everything about a wolf for individual filing within the packs. For example, my dad was the packs engineer to design, build, and maintain various complex systems and structures, from buildings to software. He had his own team to carry out his work which also stemmed to several other states.

My mom, Helena was a social worker who helped new comers to settle and ensured that the children and omegas were not being abuse or maltreated. She was on the Rogue Integration System committee.

My parents loved Sianna but they hated the concept of a chosen mate. Mom said that was for people whose mates had died or who had gotten rejected. I was not the in any of those category. Dad gave me the ultimatum to hunt for my mate and so I had to attend this damn mating ceremony.

He said he would support my relationship with Sianna only if I could not find my mate here tonight. The thought of discord between me and my parents was heartrending to me so I complied. I kept Sianna ignorant of this because it would be added strain to our relationship when I knew that she chose to study online from home so that we could be closer to each other.

Sianna was so understanding to me being out of the pack because of my objectives. I can’t have her doubting me or else our relationship will be on the line. She was my world and I am impatient to have her as my wife and as my marked mate.

“Hey man,” Cody slapped my arm to get my attention. “I am going to take a walk through the crowd just to see if I can locate my mate or not. I think it’s what we should do.”

I nodded as I took another sip of my fruit punch. I think this needed more alcohol as werewolves don’t get drunk easily. Through the sea of people I could see that several wolves had found there mates by the make out sessions that was before me. I sighed at the thought.

Wolves were here of every rank and status and I seriously didn’t need this shit. I moved to the column in the left end of the room and place my empty glass on the tray there. I took one last look around and then a pair of hazel eyes caught me and my breath hitched.

Her eyes were the most captivating and I wondered why I was so fascinated by her. She began walking towards me as I froze. Her scent of pine and cherry toggled at my nose and I stood entranced in everything about her. Everyone else had disappeared as if it were only me and her in the room. The way her red hair bounced on her shoulders as she walked slowly through the crowd as her hips swayed in that pink dress that perfectly clung to her body.

Transfixed by her lips as they formed into words, “Hello mate.” She held out her hands with the prettiest smile. “The name’s Jazmine Wilson of the Crimson Hide Pack. Nice to meet you.”

With our eyes locked I took her hand in mind and sparks erupted through my entire body like sitting in an electric chair. “I’m Curtis Black of the Dark Wolverson Pack.” Fuck me! I thought to myself. My wolf danced around in my head with its tail wagging in happiness. We stood in a brief moment of silence, looking at each other.

I think Sianna is prettier but this girl had me drowning in the ambience of her presence. She smiled brightly so that her face lightened up into an angelic beauty. This was my gorgeous mate and she licked her lips looking at me.

My wolf tried to force me onto her. “Mine!” he roared out loud.

I fought him back as she replied “Yours.”

The terms "mine" and "yours" have great meanings in the werewolf kingdom, denoting that one is the other's mate, bonded by the moon Goddess.

The sound of a throat clearing made me whip my head out of my thoughts. “How about we go somewhere private?”

“Sure.” I knew I had to reject her but my wolf was purring and so damn happy to have found her. He was urging me to mark her there but I was fighting very hard.

We walked silently until we were by the beach side standing under a large oak tree draped with Spanish moss. We allowed its shadow to hide our silhouette frames. Before I could say anything else she kissed me softly and I relish in our make out session.

The heat of her mouth was extremely delicious. The fast beating of her heart racing against mine. I wanted more of this as I kept my hands on his waist. She pulled away after a little then said, “I am so happy to finally have my mate.”

Our hands were intertwined and I could see her pearly white teeth through her smile. “How old are you?”

“I just turned twenty two in January.” She replied. “I am still a virgin though. I kept it for my mate. I am yours.”

My wolf paraded in my head like a puppy who was given a new play toy because we would be her first and only man. She was ours and our entitlement. It was as if nothing else in the world existed but us two.

I didn’t know that the mate bond would be this strong and tempting. I wanted to reject her but I couldn’t bring myself to break her heart. Jasmine was irresistible to me. Shit! My dick was hard and my own body was betraying me as I hugged her close to my chest.

“Let’s exchange digits so that we can stay in touch. I have to leave tomorrow.” My heart ached, I didn’t want to be away from her ever.

“Are we saying goodbye so soon? What’s the rush?” Her right hand strayed to feel my hard dick in my pants. “You know that you don’t want to leave me so soon.” She began to rub my member and I groaned at how good it felt. “Your body is telling me that too.” Even as her hands unbuckled my zipper and went into my boxers to caress my shaft up and down. This was too good and she was going to make me orgasm as the sparks percolated.

I felt myself roaming her clothes and pulling up her dress to get into her panty. The scent of her arousal made me want to lick her core but my hands would return the favor right now. I slipped my fingers in her pussy. “Ahh!” she moaned.

Out of the blue I crashed my lips on hers. Her sounds were so sweet to hear. It’s like my body system was activated and without a minute wasted I pushed my tongue into her mouth, fighting for dominance. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

She heist her left leg to rest on my waist so that her core opened up. I pushed her lace thong aside and my fingers entered her wet pussy. She tore her mouth away from mine and buried it into the crook of my neck.

My mind was warning me but my opposing body was telling me to have a one-night stand with her. My wolf supporting the intention to claim her, to take everything that she offered. My fingers now fucking her faster and harder in a lengthy and tortuous manner. My cock aching to replace my fingers and cum inside of her. But I allowed my fingers to continue its job until we both released in ecstasy.

“Curtis,” She moaned.

“Say my name again.” I groaned hoarsely.

When her lips returned to mine, she tugged my lower lip between her teeth roughly. “Mmm.” I winced slightly at the slight pain, but it seemed to make things begin to stir up in my body and my sexual desire increasing.

I kissed her hungrily and desperately. I ripped off her lace thong. They were in the way and I wanted full entry. I removed my fingers from her pussy and she whimpered at the loss of them plundering her core. I slip my cum dripping fingers in my mouth. “Your pussy tastes amazing.”

I rammed my fingers back in and she continues to rub my shaft up and down.” Ohhh… goodness!”

“That’s it baby. Make your pussy rain for me.”

“Yes,” she cried out in pleasure. Her moans making my cock harder and I know I am almost there. Screams escaping her mouth as I marvel at how undone she was before me, grinding on my fingers.

“Cum for me……….cum for me, darling” her body reacted as I commanded it, her walls becoming tighter, as the orgasm built for the both of us. With a few more thrust, her juices poured out of her pussy. “Ugh!” She gasped in disbelief and shivered against me as her high came down.

“Baby, that was amazing!” She dropped her head on my shoulders as she came down from her orgasmic high.

I felt guilty but this felt right. My wolf agreed and told me this was where we belonged. But Sianna is the love of my life. Suddenly, I felt disgusted at my behavior. Sianna would be hurt if she knew about this. I just broke the promise to never hurt her. I was at war between my human side and my wolf, a battle that I was not prepared for, being torn between my mate and my girlfriend. How do I undo this shit?!

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