Sianna POV

Hailey: Where’s your boy at? Something is up with your boy, Sianna! You might want to call him now.

Me: My boy is fine, Hailey. He is on a mission.

Hailey: This shit can’t be real. Your mate could be better for you.


Me: Hailey? What are you ranting about now?

Hailey: You might want to consider more options. Protect your heart, Sianna. (heart emoji).

Me: Curtis has my heart. He’s my one and only. I know you think I should give my mate a chance but there’s no way that he’s better than Curtis.

Hailey: Don’t rush into things. I am looking out for you. Go and see your mate.

Me: Hell no! Why are you cheering for my mate all of a sudden?

The perplexity of Hailey’s text message racked my brain all morning. She hadn’t replied to my last text. I didn’t call Curtis because he could have been on a mission and unable to take my call anyway. I didn’t want to appear like the insecure girlfriend.

I felt confident that our relationship was going well despite the lack of
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Melissa Wilson
Why not just ask him point blank WTF is going on? Perhaps because you know the truth and you're not ready to accept it.

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