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Tomorrow was supposed to be my date night with Sianna. I should text her with the time that I would pick her up. Chances are that she would prefer to meet me there but the least she could do was allow me to pamper her a bit. I couldn’t believe that she rejected me. I was flabbergasted when she did that. She’s a feisty little she-wolf.

I thought any rejection being done would be from my end and never from my mate. I knew she was with the Curtis dude base on conversations overheard from her parents, but that was before I knew she was my mate.

My wolf would not have known that she was ours until she reached eighteen years old and by that time she had graduated and left for college 135 miles ( 3 hour drive) away from the central area (pack house).

I was so happy to have found her at TeeBee’s café that day but she was too blinded by the twinkling infatuation that she held for Curtis.

Her intoxicating scent of roses and strawberry made my wolf lost all control. When our eyes
Onielia Lawrence

Hello my fellow readers. This is my first book and I wanted to send out my appreciation to you for reading my work. I always adored werewolf books and tried to bring this book into being from my own imaginative world of ideas. I wanted to put a different spin on things. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and every comment is valued. Hoping that you will greatly enjoy!

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Melissa Wilson
I'm really enjoying this book. Wonder who the more is?
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MoMo Blaze
Am learning and am excited at the same time for far in this book.

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