Sianna POV

The vehicle parked at my home at six pm exactly. This man was a man of time. He was smirking all the way to the rendevous which slightly irritated me as I sat in the passenger seat.

We didn’t talk at all and my mind was jammed with thoughts pertaining to how the rest of my evening might turn out.

I felt nothing but the pull to be with my mate but I was not in love with him. The energy that coursed through my body because of it was insane. My core burned with a desire for sweet release with every thought of him.

I tried to think about the weather, school, Hailey, mom, dad, cows and chickens. At this point anything but my mate.

I looked out the window at the lovely tree-lined road as the car continued to drive smoothly. We drove for fifteen minutes when he pulled up in front of an officer tower.

Luckily it was closed because I did not wish to be seen like this. I anxiously looked around to vet the area. Thank goddess that it was Sunday.

Being alone with the gamma would be sca
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Liz JB
My only question is how did it change from gamma to alpha without an explanation. I’m confused.
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Melissa Wilson
Good!! She needs this. Hailey is a real one!!

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