***TRIGGER WARNING: The following chapter contains talks of abuse. Reader discretion is advised.



Hailey’s burning angry eyes flickered from Duke to Raj and then to Nitya. She stared in disbelief at Raj and fumed silently as she masked a delirious chuckle. His mother’s expression was calm and pleading like she deeply wanted Hailey’s approval.

“The report that was given to us during the time that Hailey was at the White Clovers Pack,” I spoke since no one else would, “Is that you did horrible things and tried to separate their bond. What do you have to say about that?”

“I am sorry for hurting Hailey,” Nitya began and turned to face Hailey as an act of sincerity, “I never gave you a chance because I thought that only I could know what was best for my son. When his father died, I swore that I would give him the best of everything. I thought that someone who understood our culture was better suited for him. You are his mate and I had failed to trust t
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