Being angry would not help Sammy's situation, though I was boiling with rage. She obviously feared Malik's retaliation if we confronted him, but a Luna command would surely stop him from attacking her again. Abuse is not tolerated in our pack. So he would be punished by his Alpha later. The poor girl had already endured her body being used as a sex toy before she escape as a rogue and came here for a chance to live a good life.

Intending to head to the hunters’ ground, Vance and I shifted into our wolves after exiting the pack house. My silver wolf walked over to him and nuzzle him on the neck. He does it back to me and rubs himself against my side so that our furs interlock and release. Vance's black wolf had upright, forward-facing ears, slightly bristling hackles, and a tail held vertically curled inward.

My wolf wags its tail high in the air and with its tongue lolled out, delivers a sloppy lick on her mate's face. She frolics and dances around him, then bowed wit
Onielia Lawrence

Hello Lovelies, I have had an eventful week and I am so tired, lol. Nevertheless, I am trying to post daily as we near the end of things. Here's another chapter. Please enjoy until tomorrow! My appreciation goes out to everyone of you. Hugs!

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