Halting in his stride, he groaned and tentatively turned his head just enough for me to catch a glimpse of his deep amethyst eyes. The slightest smirk rises on his face. Quickly, I recompose myself so that Malik would not sense a change in my demeanor.

“I want to help you, Malik, but only if you let me,” I softly said, sucking in a sharp breath. He should stop being an arrogant asshole right now. The guys would knock his head off if they were here to witness his insolence towards me.

He glances at me over the shoulder. Then he turns his body fully to face me, a shadow flickers across his face caused by the sun shooting its rays through the pleating branches. “You make me sound like a drug addict or a drunk.”

“It seems like you are headed there.” I could see it playing out inside my head, “You are aware that the abuse to your mate could get you removed from the elites, right? Please let me help you through this.”

“But don’t you have a habit of abandoning people, Sianna?”
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