Challenging a Luna intimated that he must have a secret attack in his plans. Otherwise, I would surely defeat him in a duel. However, one must never underestimate the enemy.

When did Malik develop a crush on me? Only the moon goddess could give me that answer. It was beyond my comprehension why anyone would think that crushing on a Luna was a good idea.

For their mates, Alphas would kill or even go to war. Against Vance, this diminutive warrior had no hope. Hadn't Curtis' demise taught him that? I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. This shit is so fucked up! Although they are friends and he offers to bring me to Curtis, he shows affection for me. Was it premeditated for them to fight each other over me?

In response to him, my wolf growled and bristled, urging me to shift, but I made the conscious decision to strive to talk him out of doing this dumb crap. He tried to encircle me, but I turned in every direction he went, keeping a keen eye on his motions and movement
Onielia Lawrence

Hello Readers, do you think Sianna will allow Vance to hurt Curtis again? Let us see what unfolds in the next chapter. Thanks for your support.

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Heavenlee Chard
It's hard to see someone you used to care for so much, change this drastic
goodnovel comment avatar
This Curtis isn’t one she knows or recognizes. She will let Vance do what needs to be done, especially after what she made him do to his exes.

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