Five people confronted him. Marlena, the witch, Chad, Blayne, Vance, and me. My glance swung from Vance and Malik as I struggled to untangle the knot of confusion in my head.

"What did you just say?" I quizzically asked my mate, seeking help to come out of this dark tunnel so that the light of truth would unfurl my comprehension. The possibility caused my heart rate to peak.

Vance did not look at me. With rage, his eyes had marked his target and spared no vision for anyone else. “Malik is dead. This imposter is Curtis.”

Turning to face him, Malik’s wolf’s eyes focused on Vance, but I had to hear him confess it. “Is this true?”

He remains silent, refusing to admit or deny the accusations. These two men were locked in a cold-war stare-down as though the first to break away would lose the challenge. The air was suddenly tense, and the forest became warmer. Scared for Curtis, as the dread rose, I fought to contain it. Praying that they were mistaken and this was not him
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