***TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter contains severe mature content such as BDSM.



“Your mind is on another man and I can’t have that, Firecat,” His harsh thick tenor caught me off guard. “My wolf refuses to have you sulk over your ex-lover.”

“It is human to mourn the dead,” I shot him a horrifying expression with creased brows and stormed into the bedroom. “You are being unreasonable and childish.”

“I want your pretty little brain to only be thinking of me,” He came behind me while I was in the closet and taking out a nightgown. His sexy voice whispered in my ear and made me jump. “So, tonight you are going to be my little rope bunny.”

“What the hell is that?” Clueless, I swallowed hard with my head turned slightly to look at him, unable to dismiss the perplexity of the moment.

“You will see,” His hot deep voice sent chills down my spine. I was half-scared about whatever he had planned and tried to ignore him. “But before I begin, the Blacks are aw
Onielia Lawrence

Hello Readers, I hope that you enjoyed the journey of Vance and Sianna. I have only two chapters left that will take me some time to get done. Once again, you have been amazing and you can look forward to other works from me. Thanks for your patience and continued support. Lot of love! :)

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