Chapter 2


My roommate Andrew is out with his girlfriend tonight. I'm alone in the frathouse since I seem to be the only one who couldn't care less about women and relationships. 

I'm a lone wolf, and even though women are drawn to me, I've been accused of looking intimidating. Probably because of my size. I'm a big guy, even for a hockey player.

And I don't mean fat—fuck no. I'm shredded, broad-shouldered, and tall, VERY tall. It makes people skitter away from me like I'm Moses walking through the red sea.

And I like that. People stay away from me, but sometimes—

My heart pangs with hurt and anger when the memory of Alice Grey's frightened eyes comes to mind. Earlier in the parking lot, her entire face seemed to scream at me to get the hell away from her.

Why does that bother me so much? I shouldn't care. Alice is a nobody. Yet it hurt when she looked at me like I was a monster. That tiny woman is so goddamn afraid of me. 

"Yeah, and whose fault is that dipshit?" I rake my fingers through my hair, growling at myself. "You brought this upon your fucking self."

My words are the truth.

I bullied Alice for six years. Have I grown up since then? Yes. But I'm still not her friend. It makes me laugh how she dared to point out that I should stop smoking. 

I smirk at that. 

It was impressive how Alice spoke up to me for the first time in history. 

But don't get me wrong, though. I'm not interested in Alice. She is the furthest away you can get from the women I'm used to dating.

I wrap my blanket tightly around me. 

"Alice isn't my type at all..." I mumble that, and everything around me turns dark as I drift off to sleep. 

I'm not in the frathouse when my eyes open—that's for damn sure.

I'm lying in a king-sized bed. My head is aching, and my throat feels parched. I blink repeatedly and freeze when my eyes land on a naked woman beside me. 

What. The. Fuck.

Smooth pale skin. Curves for days and brown, mousy hair—my blood freezes over before I even see this woman's face. I know who this person is even before her dark eyes find mine. 

That round nose.

That petite body.

This tiny girl lying next to me is none other than Alice Grey. Somehow older, somehow much curvier than before, yet still as beautiful.

"Oh, you're finally awake," Alice murmurs while spinning around to face me. Her smile is soft, like the one you give your lover when you're reunited. "Did you sleep well?"

I stare at her, unable to stop my mind from spinning. Her mousy hair is spread over a white pillow. Her round cheek rests on her arm while she peers into my eyes. 

My heart squeezes.

Why do I suddenly find her so beautiful?

Though, that's not the point!

"Alice... What are you doing in my bed?" I croak.

"Your bed?" Alice giggles at me as if I've said something funny. Her eyes seem to sparkle, and her smile blossoms. "Don't you mean our bed?"

I narrow my eyes. "Our bed?"

Recognition seems to settle in her dark eyes. Her gaze grows curious, and then she laughs at me. 

"Oh my. Have all those hockey tackles finally gone to your head? Did you wake up this morning forgetting that we are married, Nathan? I'm your wife, silly—we share a bed. In fact, we share everything."

Dazed by her soothing tone, I look around for the first time, noticing we are inside the kind of villa only a rich person could buy. Our bed must be worth a couple of thousand dollars alone. 

My heart beats faster, and I sit up a little too fast. 

"Fuck... I got up too fast..."

I immediately get light-headed, and Alice worriedly places her hands around my arm. She can't fully encircle it with her tiny hands, and my eyes widen even more. 

"Holy fucking shit! I'm even more ripped than before! My arms they are... They are fucking huge!"

Alice finds my eyes, laughing in amusement. "I know, right? I'm amazed by your arms too, Nathan. I'm lucky to have a shredded professional NHL player for a husband."

I freeze. 

How Alice pronounces my name leaves me with this peculiar warm feeling in my chest. 

I peer down at her, and her smile makes me feel flutters.

What is the matter with me?! This is Alice Grey! I shouldn't like her, yet my heart starts running faster the longer she looks at me with her gentle, caring eyes.

I swallow thickly. "NHL player?"

Her lips curl higher. "Yes—"

Suddenly there is loud crying coming from downstairs? 

"Oh no!" Alice immediately gets up on her feet. 

"Something the matter?" I ask and notice the bump on her stomach. Woah. Okay. Is Alice pregnant? Wait, hold on! Is the kid mine?!

"Lily is awake," Alice announces as if that should tell me something. She also meets my eyes with a smile. "You should come with me. Lily likes daddy the most. You should hurry."

"I have... I have a daughter?" I gawk at her and feel the blood draining from my face. I can barely look after myself, and now I have a daughter?! I'm suddenly so fucking scared.

Alice giggles. "You have four daughters, Nathan. Lily is the youngest, and then we have the triplets: Rachel, Julia, and Kaitlyn," she lovingly strokes her stomach. "And soon we will have five."

I turn to stone. 

I have five daughters. 


Five of them. 


"Oh-my-fucking-god..." I run my fingers through my hair. 

Is this a dream? It must be. But what kind of fucking dream is this?! It all feels so realistic! I will need therapy after this! How can I even dream about something like this?

I'm married to Alice Grey. 

We live together. 

I'm a professional NHL player.


I'm hyperventilating, barely able to stand straight as I climb up from the bed to follow Alice. 

"I don't feel so well..." I mumble.

"You will feel better soon," Alice promises me while bouncing down the stairs. She looks over her shoulder now and then to make sure I'm following her. "You should hurry, Nathan. Lily is getting impatient."

"I'm coming."

She laughs. "Faster."

My lips part in surprise. I find Alice beautiful, which is odd. 

I've never been interested in Alice, but she is only dressed in underwear. Her brown hair is shiny, and I swallow thickly when I see her breasts. They are larger, probably due to her pregnancy, and my cock stirs inside my boxers, wanting some of that.

I inwardly slap myself. Calm down, you fucking freak. This is obviously a dream; stop drooling over Alice Grey!

I calm down and hurry down the stairs. Alice is waiting for me.

"In here." 

I follow Alice as she steers me into a nursery. She wears this sweet smile when she bends over a crib, and my heart races when I peek inside. 

There is a tiny head with black hair and curious eyes. I don't like babies, but my heart melts immediately. Somewhere in my head, a voice says "mine," and a smile spreads over my lips.

"She is gorgeous..." I whisper. 

"She is, isn't she?" Alice picks up the little one and smiles at me again before handing her to me. "Here, she loves daddy the most."

I'm almost scared to take the little one. Lily is so tiny that I'm close to tears already. I press her to my chest and stare down into her eyes.

"Does she really love me the most?"

"Yes. Lily likes to be with daddy. You're her favorite person in the entire world. She feels the safest in your big arms."

I can no longer fight the tears. My heart is beating way too fast, and my chest is constricting. Lily has so much hair on her head that it's sticking out in every direction. She looks like a lion.

"She is so perfect," I whisper.

"I know." Alice steps closer, meeting my eyes. 

I stare down at her with a heavy heart.

I still can't believe that we are married. Alice is looking at me with eyes filled with affection. She is tiny, delicate. She has to stand on her tiptoes to dry a tear on my cheek, and my stomach does a little flip.

"You have a big heart, Nathan," Alice whispers. "You may look intimidating, but your gentle heart is part of why I love you so much."

"You love me?"

Her eyes crinkle before she murmurs. "Of course. You're my soulmate, Nathan. I've never loved someone as much as I love you."

Flutters spread inside me. They are involuntary, but there is nothing I can do to stop them. 

Being here with Alice is lovely.

The dream continues, which is bizarre. I had expected it to come to an abrupt end. But of course, that doesn't happen. 

Alice cooks my "new family" breakfast, and I meet the triplets. They are similar in appearance, but they all have distinctive personalities. I fall in love with all of them.

We head out to a park to throw a frisbee. We eat dinner, watch a movie before bed, and later when the kids are asleep, I'm alone inside the bedroom with Alice.

"I had a great day today," Alice tells me while taking off her clothes. I've kind of fallen in love with her smile. "Thank you for taking us to the park and playing with the kids. I appreciate it. I'm starting to feel the pregnancy. I'm so tired."

I'm taking off my clothes too, and my cock is hard. I have a fucking hard-on for Alice Grey—I want her. I fucking want her, and I never wish to wake up from this dream. 

Before I can stop myself, I tease her. "Too tired for sex?"

Alice's eyes crinkle like they do whenever she is amused. Her smile is warm and affectionate. 

Can a woman be more perfect? I love everything about her: her soft feminine curves, breasts, and love handles. 

"I'm not too tired," Alice says, blushing a little. "I've wanted to put my hands on you all day."

I lift my eyebrows. "You have?"

"Uh, yeah?" Alice's smile is bashful. "I love how hard you've worked out lately. My husband is a hunk, and I can't wait to touch you. Feel how solid you are underneath my palms when I ride you."

Ride me?

My cock likes that idea a lot.

I strip out of my clothes, and then I approach Alice. She waits for me, giggling when I sweep her right off her feet. My fingers sink into her soft skin, and it feels so damn right when she kisses me. 

Soft lips. 

Even softer curves. 

Smiling even as she kisses me. 

I'm blown away by this woman. Alice is perfect, like a missing puzzle piece finally connected to my life. 

I'm overwhelmed by my feelings for her. The air feels erotic when I place her in our bed to make love to her for the first time. 


My first time with her. 

After Alice is spread on bedsheets, I climb into the bed, kiss her breast, and kiss her sensitive neck. She is moaning, saying my name, and running her fingers through my inky dark hair. 

I slide into her, groaning when I'm inside. There are moans, and everything is magic, and then—

And then I wake up. 

In an instant, everything is gone: the triplets, Lily, my house, and my pregnant wife. Everything has been ripped away from me, and as I stare at my ceiling, I feel... Empty.

After finding love so true that you're brought to your knees, I'm not sure there is anything worse than losing it. Breathing gets harder. It feels like a hundred knives have been shoved into my chest.

Tears spring to life in the corner of my eyes. "What the fuck was that dream, and why do I wish it was real?"

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