Chapter 6


I'm so fucking stupid!

Why did I raise my voice at Alice, and why did I get into the car?! I said she wasn't worth it, but the joke is on me because my heart won't stop aching, and my brain won't shut off!

Those images from that dream are hunting me as I drive. I see the other Alice's smile, and the picture mixes with the real-life Alice I saw earlier. Their faces, eyes, and smiles—it's all the same!

"Damn," I say while driving and suck in a deep breath. "That dream really messed me up..."

Tears are stinging behind my eyelids, but I don't shed them. I'm a grown man, for fuck's sake. It would be stupid to cry over something like this, and yet... Yet I'm close.

I was about to have a fifth daughter in that dream—I held Lily in my arms. She was perfect. Cute and adorable with tiny little toes. Her lion mane was a mess, and she smiled when I held her.

How will I forget about her?

And Alice... Fuck Alice. She isn't mine. I don't even know her in real life, yet when I saw how Andr
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Kendra Summers
He can’t tell her how he feels yet but he could start by asking her to draw the picture for him.
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Malou Medina
Nathan, tell her your true feeling for her
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Malou Medina
twisted fate

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