Chapter 8


I'm nervous. Music blasts from the frathouse, and people are lining up the street. This is the first party I've ever been to, and I'm close to freaking out from the sheer pressure.

What if people will find me boring?

Will I even have fun here?

What if, for some reason, that doesn't make sense, people just start bullying me out of nowhere?

I know the chances are slim to none, but I'm just so freaking scared and traumatized from high school. I sometimes have trouble understanding why Winnie is even willing to be my friend.

My heart is booming when Winnie pats my shoulder. A wide grin has spread over her face. "Are you excited?"

I try my hardest to smile. "A little." But I'm mostly scared.

"Good, because this is going to be fun," Winnie fishes up her phone and unlocks her screen, mumbling. "Andrew told us we could skip the line... Let me just text him to come to the door..."

I try to keep it together while Winnie calls Andrew. My eyes go to the left and right, landing on all the
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Katlyn Graciale
Awww I like Nathan and I feel for him and his hard life, cute story so far and I feel like Andrew definitely likes Winnie and just doesn't realize it or doesn't wanna cuz he's not a relationship type of guy but I like them together so hopefully
goodnovel comment avatar
Parwan Kaur
oh I wanna read Winnie and Jake story if there is any ...please write about Winnie too who will she chose Andrew, Jake, mark many options for her

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