Chapter 9


Alice and I make quite a team, and I'm having fun.

"Down you go!" Alice shouts when she manages to push another girl off the shoulders of some random bloke. "Another victory for team Nathan and Alice! Let's go!"

Water splashes in my eyes, and people whistle around the pool. I don't make a move to get up, though. Alice and I are finally down to our last challenge. The next battle will be our fight against Jake and Winnie.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The judge speaks over the noise in an anchor's tone. "We are finally down to the last battle between team Alice and Nathan and Winnie and Jake! Who is going to win?!"

People whistle and cheer. Some hold their glasses in the air, and a few red plastic cups float around in the pool. Gross.

I wrinkle my nose in disgust, but instant happiness finds me when I look up at the dwarf sitting on my shoulders. Alice weighs nothing. She is adorably tiny yet larger-than-life in my heart.

Why can't she be mine already?

Seeing Alice's smile makes m
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
DavidnFawn Simpson
I hope that she ends up with Nathan not Andrew do something boy
goodnovel comment avatar
Katlyn Graciale
I'm mad at Alice right now all over Andrew.....booooo
goodnovel comment avatar
Parwan Kaur
please tell me if we r getting book about winnie...tht girl is so much fun ...

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