Chapter 47


I don't understand what I've done wrong and why Logan is taking me home. Was it something I said? Ugh. He is probably weirded out about me telling him I wish for him to dominate me in bed.

Why did I say that? I should have kept my dirty fantasies to myself, but it's not like he had to make them come true—I have plenty of other less dangerous ideas for us!

"Logan..." I say and glance up from my seat. "Could we talk?"

He doesn't respond but clutches the wheel tighter.

There are hamburger papers in my lap and an empty bag by my feet. I use it to dispose of the trash.

Logan still hasn't said anything, and the atmosphere feels tense. I don't know how to change that.

And when Logan glances at me, I feel relieved. Is he going to speak and give me an opening to find out what is happening right now? I would be so disappointed if this was our last date...

"The mentioning of choking freaked me out," Logan blurts out. I stay quiet, and he sighs heavily. "There is something that yo

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goodnovel comment avatar
Jideofor Ifeanyi
are we sure rebel has cancer thought cancer patients are very fragile she sure has a lot of strength to even wanna get choke in bed
goodnovel comment avatar
Lol will she get the D after hearing his inner trauma? It could be a turn off. Or maybe being sensual will lead to a not so rough intimacy night.
goodnovel comment avatar
Queen Harley
Oooooo this is good

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