Chapter 48


Logan has a password to his computer—of course, he does. I have up trying to get into it. Now I'm lying on his couch, flipping through titles of various movies until I hear Logan enter the flat.

He seems happy.

I can hear him humming, and then there is a promising rustle of a plastic bag that I bet is filled with ingredients. I wet my lips and look up toward the ceiling, smiling when I see Logan.

"You were fast," I tell him from my place on the couch. The fan in the ceiling is spinning, and maybe it's made me half-dizzy because I swear Logan looks like a god from here.

His eyes look so, so dark. I always deemed them brown, but I can tell they are hazel in this light. But they shift depending on the light. I decide that I like them a lot, and the aching in my body agrees.

Logan is a hottie.

"You still haven't taken off your hat," he points out, and I can hear the sound of the plastic bag again.

"Nope, I haven't..." I give him my most innocent-looking smile and chang

I apologize if there are grammar mistakes here. I will look through it tomorrow. It's midnight here. I updated pregnant too young, my jealous alpha stepbrother, and my demon husband, and this one today. I have written 13k words. Demon husband is free for now on goodnovel, but it can only be found on the website if you search "veliciah", alpha is also free but on another site. Anyway, good night and thank you for reading!

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Angela Mathis
Great chapter! I've been searching for Demon Husband but can't find it!
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Michelle Durham
I love this! She gets the D and he's falling for her as much as she's falling for him.
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Queen Harley
Yay thank u and yay she finally getting her d

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