Chapter 49


I'm taken into the bedroom with a large king-sized bed. It's cozy and warm, and Logan throws over the grey sheets. I let out a little giggle in response. My clothes and hat are still on, but one look at Logan, and I suspect that will soon change.

He is standing at the edge of the bed, and my eyes are drawn to his large beautiful cock.

"Looks like you miss me," I tease, trying to be flirty. "Should I take care of that?"

"Every second without being inside of you is painful," Logan says, and he shoots on his legs over the bed to climb up. The mattress sinks a little under his weight. "I want you, Rebel. Perhaps I want you a little too much... It's frightening."

I stand on my knees. He is towering over me even in this position. "Why is it frightening?"

"What if you don't want me as much?" Logan shoots back.

"That's silly," I whisper and lean back when his hand lands on the small of my back. I meet his eyes. "I'm halfway in love with you."

His hands stroke my sides. "Do you mean t
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Jideofor Ifeanyi
she sings about his abs and pecs like a prayer makes me wonder if that's the only things she likes about him
goodnovel comment avatar
Daniel Mendoza
When it’s the next chapter coming up?
goodnovel comment avatar
Valerie Crabtree
love this story!

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