Chapter 51


My heart is in shambles.

I'm hurting for Logan. He thinks he is a monster, but Logan is the sweetest guy on earth. After we fell asleep, he kept me warm by holding me. He wouldn't let go until morning, and before making it to hockey practice, he served me breakfast in bed.

Now I'm trying to return the favor by cleaning his apartment. I know he only left me in his bed so I could sleep longer, but I want to do something for him.

"I can't believe you called us over to clean Logan's apartment," Alice complains from inside the bathroom. "This is not what I meant when I said we needed bonding time, Rebel. And Logan should know better than to buy such a huge apartment!"

"It's not his fault," Caroline, who my sister brought with her, says. She is cleaning the windows. "Logan told Rebel that the last owner threw some goodbye party when the apartment was sold. It's a fucking asshole thing to do, right, Hannah?"

Hannah, who is Caroline's friend, smiles. She used to work as a housek

Hannah is from "A CEO's Revenge Marriage — Accidentally In Love" and because me, myself, have fun doing crossovers, I did. That book is not yet under a contract, and the few chapters available are free on the website. Goodnovel announced a contest, and I am by no means not talented enough to win anything, but they promised better promotions for the stories in it, so maybe I can find more readers? :) Anyway, enjoy this chapter!

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Rayleen Adshead
when are you updating? I'm left on a cliffhanger here!!!
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Parwan Kaur
I m about to read Tobias story ..can't wait for Winnie story I hope she picks jake...fingers crossed
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its the last book on page 2 if you search my name. no flashy cover yet

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