Chapter 52


Every minute feels like an entire cold long year as I look up at the flames lighting up the sky. The apartment is no longer...

I chew on my bottom lip.

Caroline is still in there, and so is Andrew. We have been informed that a neighbor's oven exploded for whatever reason. The fire had been going on for a while, but we just hadn't noticed.

I feel like such a shitty friend for not trying harder to convince Caroline to throw the trash with us...

"I hope Caroline and Andrew are okay," Alice is sobbing beside me. Her bottom lip quiver, and she sniffles. "Poor Caroline... She better not die on me. When I called her and Winnie, Caroline didn't even need convincing to come and clean here today. She is selfless and kind, and... What if she dies? It will be all my fault for inviting her over!"

"It's not your fault!" I hug my sister hard, and she cries violently against my shoulder. Even though I'm breaking apart, I'm trying to keep it together as I stroke Alice's back. "Caroline and

Hannah and Tobias are from A CEO's Revenge Marriage — Accidentally In Love (Only available on the website right now, and I can post the link in the comments. Those chapters are free for now.) Caroline and Andrew... I might write about them next, or I pick Winnie first.

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Michelle Durham
Yaas, Caroline and Andrew! I am reading Hannah's book.
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I searched your name in the site and it still did not come up. There is no 2nd page.
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Winnie and then Caroline please!! Checking out Hannah’s book now

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