Chapter 53


"Caroline is going to make it," I tell Logan as we watch TV inside the hotel room we were handed by Hannah's hubby.

He lowers the volume on the TV. "Oh, how do you know?"

"Andrew texted me while I was in the shower. He said Caroline has suffered some burns and will need skin transplantation, and... she will never look the same, but at least she is alive."

"Ouch, that must be hard..."

"Yeah, Caroline was proud of her beauty, and now that has been ripped away from her, but... I'm sure she is just happy to be alive. I know that I'm relieved."

Logan gives me a tired smile from his place against the pillow. He is newly showered and under the blankets while I'm drying off. I took a shower after him.

"I'm glad she is okay," Logan says, and then his eyes grow thoughtful as he studies me. "Listen, Rebel... this thing with Caroline has made me realize that life is short."

I look at him with renewed interest and lift an eyebrow. "Uh-huh?"

"Yeah, and I realize that even when a perso

What is something you would like to see in the epilogue for these two? Give me ideas so I can move on to Winnie's book sooner! Also, Hannah's book is still free as I write this. I'm trying to link it here. Let's see if it works since some people have trouble finding it. Replace the (dot) with real dots in a web browser, or search for CEO's revenge marriage (the rest of title not necessary for result) in the search bar on the website of goodnovel ----- www(dot)goodnovel(dot)com/book_info/31000418254/Billionaire/A-CEO-s-Revenge-Marriage-Accidentally-In-Love

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Comments (12)
goodnovel comment avatar
I want to see them happy with family cancer free!
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Durham
Definitely Rebel in remission and pregnant and married to Logan. That would make my heart happy!
goodnovel comment avatar
Sacha De Nijs
I want to see Rebel and Logan happily married! what about poor Caroline and Andrew? please don't disfigure Caroline too much!

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