Chapter 54


Two months later

"How are you feeling today?"

I smile at my therapist, Linda, who I've been seeing more and more this past month. She is a great listener and an excellent therapist, and our sessions are well-needed in my life.

My chemo has been taking its toll on me, and ever since Caroline's accident, I've felt... overwhelmed. Not only do I think about my well-being, but I'm also worried about my friend, who is refusing to see anyone right now.

Caroline has gone incognito—she is hiding from the world. And it kind of sucks because my big operation is tomorrow. For her sake, I hope that she isn't aware of this because she would suck as my friend if she were just ignoring that... I could die tomorrow.

"I'm feeling better than a week ago, but I'm still confused about why my friend doesn't want to see me," I have to fight tears when I say that sentence. "Especially when I'm getting my big operation tomorrow."

Caroline should be there for me... am I selfish for thinking that?


A CEO'S Revenge Marriage is no longer free but is now on the app. It can be found if you click on my name. It will be updated daily next month(exclusive contract, get paid for updating 25 days in a month) As for this book, I will also attempt to update it daily next month. But the next story might be Caroline and not Winnie... Winnie might be in the CEO book instead, seeing Tobias(ML in CEO revenge) is the older half-brother of Jake and Mark, and one of those is Winnie's love interest. I just think that family should be in that book, and it would be better for me so I can mark this complete. We will see!

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Parwan Kaur
please update
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Parwan Kaur
please update
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Queen Harley
Yay I did find it before u put it on the app but yay I love all your books so far

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