"What the fuck is your problem Victoria?" I yelled, grabbing my lip.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" She yelled standing over me while I was backed against the wall. 

"Yeah. It's midnight. Since when do you fucking care when I get home?" I yelled getting up. And then I heard my father coming down the hallway. His loud footsteps meant he just got out of bed and wasn't happy. 

"Don't talk to your mother like that." He growled at me with blackened eyes. 

"She's not my mother." I yelled back, getting right up in his face, letting him know that I wasn't scared of him or his bitch of a mate. 

"Why is she bleeding?" He asked, confused. 

"Because that bitch just punched me when I walked through the fucking door." I yelled, gesturing to Victoria. 

"I told you not to talk to her like that." Thomas yelled at me. 

"Why don't you yell at her for hitting me." I yelled. 

"I'm sure she has her reasons." He says. And I stepped back rolling my eyes at him.

"Nope. She just felt like hitting me. She's never cared what time I got home before." I snapped. 

"Don't talk to me like that either. Or I'll give you a back hander." Thomas yelled at me raising his fist at me but I sure wasn’t going to back down. I stood my ground. 

"Go to hell. The both of you." I yelled walking up the hallway and slamming my bedroom door and locking it. 

I threw my bag on the bed and I looked in the mirror at the cut on my lip. I would have loved to punch that bitch back, but Thomas would never stand for that. That bitch has him wrapped around her little finger. 

When I heard them go to their bedroom and close the door, I grabbed some clothes and my toiletries bag and I went to the bathroom and had a shower and washed my hair. I got dressed in the bathroom and then I went back to my room and I sat on my bed looking at the rest of the homework that I wasn't able to finish at school during lunch today. 

Once I finished my homework it was 1:30am and I grabbed my tips from the day which was another $60 and I added it to the rest of my savings that I hid it in a hidden drawer of my dresser.  

I could always tell when Victoria had been in my room snooping around. So, I needed to get really creative. And so far the bitch has been too dumb to figure it out. She would always leave things in different places and think that I wouldn't notice.  I fully intended on going home to my mother as soon as humanly possible. If not, I would ask the Alpha of Richmond pack if I could move into a house of my own here.   

I woke up at 6am the next morning and I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed for school and I put my really long curly blonde hair up and applied a tiny little bit of make-up. But nothing to make my piercing blue eyes pop out any more than they already did. I knew that people were staring at them the second that they saw them. 

I packed everything into my school bag and I left my room and I couldn't hear anyone so I headed for the front door but she came out of the kitchen just as I was reaching for the doorknob. 

"If you get home past 10pm tonight then I am locking the door and you can find somewhere else to sleep." Victoria says. 

"Looking forward to it. Since I don't finish work until 10pm. You know, the job you insisted that I get." I say. But she just turned around and went back to the kitchen.

I walked into town and stopped at the same diner that I worked at and I got a coffee and a muffin for breakfast and I sat at one of the tables and James was just getting to work and he saw me sitting there alone eating the same breakfast that I have every morning. It looked like he wanted to say something to me, but he hesitated and then went out the back.

My phone then went off and I looked at it. 

Thomas - She's serious about locking you out tonight. I'll make sure that your bedroom window is unlocked so you can climb in it.

But I didn't reply to that message. He didn't deserve a thank you. I needed him to tell that bitch that it wasn't alright to treat his daughter the way that she does. What happened last night was totally uncalled for. 

When I left the diner, I headed straight for the school and Carter was waiting for me outside like he always did and we walked inside together. 

"How was your night?" He asked. 

"Same as usual. Work, late-night training and then home. Went home and stayed there until the bitch went to sleep." I say. And he chuckled at that. People didn’t really need to know what was going on at home. They knew what my parents were like, that was enough without me filling in the blanks.

"I love how you don't sugar coat things. You just say it as it is." He says. 

"What's the point in sugar coating? It's going to come out the same way no matter how I say it." I say. Which I know turns people off. I am well aware of that. But I can't help it. I don't know why my mouth just starts talking before I think. But some people find it amusing. I was glad that it didn't turn absolutely everyone off.  

"Good point." He says. As we reached my locker I opened it and I started putting my bag and books in there and I grabbed the books out that I needed for my first few classes. 

Suddenly my locker door slammed shut on my hand and I screamed in pain as I knew that it broke my fingers and there was a girl standing there with her posse laughing about it. 

I managed to get my fingers free and Sarah stood there with a completely innocent look on her face like she did nothing wrong. 

"You just made a huge mistake." I say. 

"And why is that?" She asked. 

"Because you just crushed my right hand. But I can punch just as hard with my left." I say spinning around and punching her across the face with my left hand and she fell to the ground and slid a couple meters across the floor with a broken nose. 

"Holy shit." Carter yelled. 

One of the teachers came running up and saw Sarah on the floor and saw me standing there holding my hand. He demanded to know what happened and Carter told him exactly what happened. Sarah started it and broke my fingers and then I punched her in the face. Which she totally deserved. It was me standing up for myself and not backing down to a bully. Being werewolves, we don't tend to back down to bullies otherwise none of our packs would be safe from attacks.  

The teacher told Carter to get me to the hospital and Sarah's friends needed to take her to the hospital. 

When we got to the hospital we were put into different rooms and we were treated for our injuries. Even though we heal fast, broken bones don't heal that fast and I needed a cast on my hand. 

And Alpha Richmond heard about the altercation and came to the hospital to sort it out. He wanted to hear from everyone. And since Sarah already had several violations against her name, he believed me and Carter before he believed her and her gang of little cows. And they all got punished for it. 

But he came and sat in my room with me and I asked Carter if he could go and get me a coffee. So, he left the room and left Alpha Richmond and I alone. 

"How's everything going at home?" He asked. 

"You know about that?" I asked. 

"Victoria was very vocal about not wanting you around when you first got here." He says. And I was a little shocked at first. But then I thought about it for a second and I guess I wasn't really all that surprised. 

"Well, she's still very vocal in not wanting me here. But it's nothing that I can't handle. A few snide comments when she feels like talking to me. Otherwise, she just ignores me. It's better than her being a real bitch and actually trying to abuse me or shit like that." I explained. 

"That is true. You've got a positive attitude towards it. I'm happy to see that. You're a bright kid. I've seen your school record. Working and training and still keeping up with your studies. You work really hard." He says. 

"I try to, sir." I say looking away. A little embarrassed that the Alpha of this pack that I didn't even belong to knew so much about me. Why was he taking such interest in a visiting werewolf?

"Well, that's great to hear." He says. 

"Sir, why do I get the feeling that's not the only reason why you wanted to talk to me?" I asked. 

"Well, I got a call from your old pack today. It was your mother. When was the last time you talked to her?" He asked. 

"On the weekend. We talk every weekend. Why did she call you?" I asked suddenly, feeling a little panicked. For my mother to call the Alpha, it meant something was wrong. 

"Well, there's been some things happening at your old pack." He says.

"Like what?" I asked.

"I think it might be best if you speak to your mother as soon as possible." He suggested. And I nodded my head. 

Now I was worried. My mother didn't say anything was out of the ordinary on the weekend. But now I knew that something was seriously wrong. Why would my mother call Alpha Richmond if it wasn't important. She would have called me directly. I was going into panic mode.

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