"What's going on?" I asked as my voice croaked a little.

"Let's go and sit down." Mom says taking me into the kitchen. So, we went back into the kitchen and my father was sitting at the table with a beer in his hand and the Alpha also had a beer. But he wasn't doing much talking while my mother made coffee for me and herself.

"What about me? This is my house?" Victoria asked.

"What about you?" I spat out without realizing it. And then I clamped my lips shut as I looked at Alpha Jackson.

"You look good. Did you just come from training?" Mom asked me to change the subject.

"I hear the head trainer Ethan is a really good guy. He has trained some great warriors here." Mom's mate Isaac says. I tried to stop myself from blushing but I think it came through a little bit.

"She's got the hots for him. That's why she goes every night." Victoria snickered in the background.

"Jealous? It’s not my fault he thinks you’re an evil witch." I snapped.

"I've told you not to talk to Victor
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