We had been standing outside the house for a while now waiting for Taylor to pack her belongings and I knew that she was a girl and everything but it shouldn't take her that long. So, I walked back into the house and I went to her room and started banging on the door. But there was no answer. Her mother followed me down the hallway.

"Please. You're going to scare her." Avery says.

"For some reason, I think it takes a lot to scare your daughter." I said banging on the door again. But there was again no answer. I tried to open the door handle but it was locked so I put my shoulder into the door smashing it open and I walked inside.

There was a suitcase with clothes thrown everywhere but there was no Taylor. The window was wide open and I knew exactly what had happened. Was she really happier here with these abusive bastards then back with her own mother. I couldn't make sense of that.

"On no Taylor." Avery said more to herself than to me. She was worried for he
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