I knew that Alpha Jackson was trying out some sort of scare tactic on me. It was taking forever to get back to the Red Moon Pack and he didn't seem to mind at all. He looked like he was actually enjoying the very slow and long trip back. Probably because he knew that I was getting uncomfortable.

I finally had enough of it and I grabbed my handbag and I pulled out my cigarette and rolled down the window and lit one up.

He stared straight at me when I did that and I just kept puffing away on it.

"I knew that I could last three hours without one but you are driving so fucking slow that it is driving me crazy." I say.

"Put it out." He demanded.

"Nope." I say. And when he tried to reach over and grab it off me, I pulled my hand away so that he couldn't.

I looked back at him with a very determined look on my face, letting him know that I wasn't giving up my cigarettes without a fight.

"When the hell did you start smoking anyway? No one ever mentioned that. Not even when I was pu
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