I stayed in bed for ages just lying there thinking about the dream when I finally decided to get up and I could see the sun was starting to go down. So, I must have had a few hours' sleep that day.

I dragged myself out of bed and I walked downstairs and mom was home from work and was in the kitchen making dinner.

"Hi. I was going to wake you for dinner but I thought you needed the rest." She says watching me head for the coffee pot.

"No. I got a couple hours of sleep. Any more than that and I probably won't sleep tonight." I say.

"That's a good point." She says.

"Do you need a hand?" I asked, looking around at everything that she had scattered on the bench.

"Nope. It's almost done." She says.

"Where's Isaac?" I asked.

"Oh. It's just us tonight. Isaac is on patrol duty tonight." She says.

"Oh yeah. I see you two are still getting along better than before I left." I say.

"I know that we're not fated mates and we chose each other as mates. But I couldn't have chosen a be
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goodnovel comment avatar
Lindelle Amon
Wanna see her face when her wolf starts saying mate
goodnovel comment avatar
melissa morales
Lol she doesn’t get it yet does she…. She’s “Mate” ...‍♀️
goodnovel comment avatar
Carolyn K. Rogers
The story is becoming more interesting. I wish she didn't curse when speaking to her mom. It's so disrespectful and the smoking around others without their permission is also.

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