I sat there staring at Alpha Lennox. Not in shock, but in anger. What the hell was the council doing here? Who the hell called them? The last thing we needed were these nosey bastards getting involved. But I shouldn't be surprised that they were called. Jackson's entire family thinks that I am being unreasonable in my thoughts and my actions to do with their parents. I didn't think so. Werewolves have been executed for a lot less.

"I have solid proof that they committed treason. So I stand by my decision." I say sternly. Not even caring that he was the head of the council. I wasn't phased by that. I didn't care. I was going to defend myself. The only way that I knew how. And Jackson knew that I wasn't going to back down. Not even to the council.

"We need to see the proof. Apparently some people think that it's been fabricated." He says. So Jackson hands him the photos and he looks through them.

"I took them myself. I was there while Elias was there. And I took photos of all the d
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