Jackson and I stayed hidden in the woods as we watched these girls dressed in very scantily clad clothing, especially for this weather, and they were crying and being manhandled by warriors that were much larger than they were.

The van started up and headed down the driveway so Jackson and I started running through the woods to follow the van and it eventually pulled up outside the abandoned school. Carter said that the school had shut down.

The girls were taken out of the van and ushered inside so Jackson and I slowly and quietly approached the building and we looked in the front door but we couldn't see anyone in the hallway there. So we walked inside and started following their scent down the hall and around a couple of corners until we got to the closed doors of the gymnasium.

Jackson made sure that I stayed behind him in case we got caught but he opened the door slightly, hoping that it wouldn't make a noise, and we saw mattresses all over the floor of the gymnasium and the
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