The following morning I woke up in Jackson's arms and he was already awake staring up at the ceiling. He just looked very content and we lied there for ages in silence. I would start to think about other thoughts and Jackson would snap me out of it pretty quickly. He was pretty obviously sick of all the drama that has been going on around here. And we've just added to our work load. We had Alpha Richmond's pack to deal with now. There was something wrong going on there and we needed to deal with that. Someone had to. And we were the ones that Carter came to for help.

I would have loved to stay in bed all day, but we both knew that wasn't an option. Especially not when Wyatt knocked on the door and opened it suddenly.

Jackson quickly made sure that I was covered up so that Wyatt didn't see anything and started yelling at him for barging into our room.

"I'm sorry Alpha. But Lennox is back. And he's got the rest of the council with him." Wyatt says. So Jackson and I looked at each
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mace J
What happened to Layla??
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Jennifer Provenzano
Wish these books were already written before reading… I hate the dragging
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How often is this book updated please?

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