A little while later we were called to the living room and the council members were waiting for us with Jackson's siblings.

"Alright. We've interrogated both of your parents, Alpha Jackson. And we think the best course is to take them back with us." Lennox says.

"What?" Jackson asked.

"There is definitely something substantial to what you found out. You did a good job, but we believe that this goes a lot further than your parents. Especially where the Hunters are concerned. We need to get them away from all obvious locations and we will get as much information out of them as possible." Lennox explained.

"So, you're putting them in witness protection instead of making them pay for their crimes. What the hell kind of werewolf council are you?" I asked.

"Do you think you could do better?" Lennox asked.

"With my fucking eyes closed." I snapped back.

"Put them in my car." Lennox instructed the other council members and he approached me trying to look really menacing but I sto
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