We slowly approached Richmond pack at 8am and I knew that everyone would be asleep because they do operate late into the night. And everyone split up to surround the entire pack.

Jackson and I took the lead and headed straight for the high school, where we knew that the girls were being kept. I managed to jump up on my hind legs and pull the door handle down on the front door and we went inside slowly and cautiously. All senses up.

We went down one hallway and then peered around the other hallway where we saw a man holding a gun. He was a Hunter. He didn't have the senses of a werewolf so it would be a lot easier. He was keeping guard and we started creeping up the hall behind me.

As soon as we got right behind him, Jackson let out a small growl and the guard turned around only for me to pounce on him and break his neck without him even being able to scream and alert the others.

We continued down that path and we were headed towards the gym where the girls were being kept and
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She is always getting injured. How many more lives and trips to the hospital does she have?

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