Chapter 9 - Androkles

It felt strange talking to her like this. Not odd in a bad way. But I can't place the feeling. She's not afraid of me. She wants my company. Very few wanted my company, and even fewer were women. As she made a point about leaving, I looked up at the sky and realized the sun was going to set soon. Which meant it would be dinner time at Ares House.

"I should. It is getting late. But I should also wait for Dio to finish his business. I did arrive with him." I sighed, looking into the distance, and saw Dio talking with a man I assumed to be her father.

Dio was indeed a strange man. I'm unsure what he was playing at by introducing himself as Dio to her. Or when Dio intercepted Elaine to give us more time to speak alone.

"I hate to say this, but if he loves horses half as much as my father, they'll be there until dinner is cold,” she said with a chuckle.

She has a nice laugh. Wait, did I think that?

"I could call someone to show you around. I wish I could show you myself if you w
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Eula Smiley
Love this book so for
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Karina Vazquez
Because you do not want her to fear you and enjoy the chat lol ...
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This is a lovely story. ...️

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