Chapter 10 - Androkles

It was that thought that stayed with me the rest of the week. Even as I entered my childhood home of House Zeus for my Sunday lunch with Diokles, it was one of the rare days I was given no tasks. Diokles had always insisted, even when he first came here, that we have a meal together on Sundays. He told me that in the mortal realm, his family would have Sunday meals together with whoever was able to attend.

Eugenius felt this was good practice for me. He, of course, wants me to carry on the long-standing alliance between Ares and Zeus. But nothing about Sunday lunch with Diokles is business. It's just a chance to relax.

Sitting in the dining area waiting for Dio, I found my mind returning to Ismene-Eirene, again. I need to stop that. But she said she wanted to see me again, to speak again. I don't know how or if I should. I am not shopping for a wife, and I know my father and Eugenius would probably not approve of her, given her blindness.

Though they may be talked into considering h

Lady Aphrodite is totally up to something.

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Jon Vin
Lady Aphodite is up to no good intentions
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Jon Vin
can't comment yet 2 early
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Eula Smiley
Is Lady Aphrodite up to try to get him to come back together soon

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