Chapter 44 - Androkles

Bidding our farewells to Myrrine, we returned to Atlas and headed for House Hera. At least Myrrine didn’t give me any shit about our engagement. Outside of her comment about not being surprised. I’d ask if she was not surprised why she didn’t mention anything to myself or Ismene-Eirene but knew better.

She wouldn’t have told either of us what she was noticing. Aphrodites of old would have probably meddled, but Myrrine has learned more from Eros than her predecessor, which means being as sketchy and obtuse as possible. So, of course, she watched from the sidelines, interfering ever so slightly. Like that day, she came to Dio’s House to ambush me and offer me that glamor.

“Have you had much experience with Lady Hera?" I asked.

“No, I've never met her. My father wrote to her House asking for a priestess for Rea’s wedding to Amilios. But it wasn’t her in person that performed the ceremony.” Ismene-Eirene shook her head.

“Outside of you, Lord Zeus, and Lady Aphrodite, I’ve never met any

Screw you Lady Hera and especially her husband for just assuming this was a forced marriage. Sure Lady Hera has reason to prod any couple. But her husband can shove it if his reason is Andy's mom didn't marry him. But Ismene-Eirene sure told them.

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Karina Vazquez
How can they not be fated with so much love and adoration for each other
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Natasha Kelly
oH my lord I'm crying go Ismene-Eirene I'm so proud n honoured to bare witness to you standing up and being so passionate for your man oh gosh I loved these two chapters woot woo! and andy im tickled pink you have found an amazing woman and loved how your mind got distracted by those awesome hips ha
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Eula Smiley
Thank you Irene so much for love ...️ Andy

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