Chapter 45 - Ismene-Eirene

"Well, I am glad to have cleared that up for you, Lady Hera." I nodded.

I was starting to understand why Andy doesn't always get along with others in the council. If they are all like Lady Hera when it comes to him, I may have some difficulties myself. And not just the council. I can tell that Lord Gaios also holds something against him. I'm curious to know what, other than what many Olympians have against him, caused Gaios to dislike him. But if other spouses are like Gaios, those luncheons may not happen.

"Now that she has answered your question. Your decision?" Andy questioned. I could tell he was doing his best to keep a civil tone.

"As she enters this marriage freely, I have no reason to decline. You have my blessing. Just keep me informed when you have chosen a date. As a council member, it is my honor and duty to perform your ceremony, Lord Ares." she said.

"Thank you. We will notify you when a date has been set. Good day, Lady Hera. Goodbye, Lord Gaios." Andy said, wrapping

Something tells me Nikos and Eugenius will not take kindly to this snub on top of being sent away. Now to the Underworld to try and right some of the wrongs Eugenius committed.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Awww I love how bolder he is in his affections towards her.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m wondering how awkward the wedding night is going to be.
goodnovel comment avatar
Also curious on how/why two Prometheus brothers were killed when attempting to kill Ismene-Eirene. Hope we get too know before the end

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