Chapter 46 - Androkles

It didn’t take me long to plan the trip to the Underworld. She may not have said it, but I knew Ismene-Eirene was nervous about this trip. I can’t blame her. She’s met various council members, but Hades isn’t part of the council. He’s something entirely different. I think Hades may be more feared in Olympus than I am, and I’m the one prophesied to destroy it.

Hades should be more feared. Hades is the living embodiment of death. A Hades is the ferryman to whatever lies beyond life. It’s only natural to fear death. Death is inevitable, and all of us shall greet Hades someday. My prophesized destruction is only that, a prophesy. There is no guarantee that the prophecy will happen so that a glimmer of hope of salvation still exists.

Knowing she was about to meet the God that stands between the living and the dead was enough to make any nervous. But there was the added pressure of meeting a daughter of The Zeus. I’ve never met Lady Persephone, so I know her only through what I’m told. I t

Awe any excuse to touch and be close in public huh Andy? At least Hades and Persephone aren't cold and rude to Andy.

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Natasha Kelly
awwww so sweet on all accounts baby chara is now lucky to have parents who want the best for her! xxx
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda Gerner
Andy really is a good man just as Ismene has known all along. So sad for a baby to loose her mother but so wonderful they have accepted her as their own and love her just the same.

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