Chapter 47 - Androkles

“It is a new era in Ares House, and my people need to come to terms with that change. I... we...” I said, correcting myself as I glanced at Ismene-Eirene.

Ismene-Eirene smiled at my correction to include her. She is Lady of Ares, and I want her to know that it isn’t an empty or frivolous title. She has power and will be able to wield it. I want her to know she is as much a part of the House and the decisions made as I am.

I know I’ve fallen for her in my heart, and I refuse to treat the woman I love as anything less than an equal. I don’t want to treat her like Eugenius treated Kyltië or my father treated my mother and any of his wives. After all, she is going to be my wife. We are friends, and I would respect her input. And beyond that, we are friends.

“Can only hope they will see that these changes are for the better,” I explained.

“I have one last thing,” I said as I reached into a pouch and pulled out an item wrapped in fabric.

Pulling back the fabric, I offered a golden baby

Ah, the sweet torture of having the one you want so close by but not being able to be as close as you truly want.

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Monday - Saturday
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angela tinson
bow often do you update?
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Amanda Gerner
They are so sweet together. And he is so worried about her for everything.

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