Chapter 48 - Ismene-Eirene

I'd enjoyed our trip, short as it was, to the Underworld. Androkles was so attentive during our time there. But that was something I should have expected. We were in an unfamiliar place, so even with Alexis, I wouldn't know where things were.

Lady Persephone and Lord Hades were gracious hosts and showed us around their immediate property. I wished I had sight when Lord Hades offered to let Androkles hold Lady Chara. She was, of course, adequately swaddled to ensure no skin contact would be made.

Rea whispered to me the details of the sight. Of my tall, broad-shouldered, muscular fiancé cradling the tiny, bundled infant with such care and a look of worry and possibly fear as he did. Andy later confessed he was afraid, not that he would die from perhaps touching her but that he would hurt her or drop her.

It was rather sweet that his worry was never for himself but for her. This made me wonder how he will be when or if we start a family. If his behavior towards Lady Chara indicates, h

Aigialeus!! Diokles brought the big brother he and Andy share for the wedding!!!

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goodnovel comment avatar
You would know best ;) Either way would really like te learn how two of the brothers were lost. How /when / where they tried to kill Ismene-Eirene and what happend
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Cass Seidman
I love dio he is sneaky and sweet.
goodnovel comment avatar
this is awesome that Andy meets his big brother and sister in law!

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