Chapter 49 - Ismene-Eirene

“Yes, many things can change how someone sounds. When we went to see Lord Hades and Lady Persephone, the Olympians and daemons had a different tone in their voices.” I agreed.

“Dio was rather sparse on the details about you two, other than the wedding is soon,” Cassatt said.

“Yes, tell us more about the two of you. Of how you got to the point of marriage.” Aigialeus encouraged starting to eat.

“It isn’t all that exciting a story,” I said.

“It isn’t all that thrilling.” Andy agreed, wanting to downplay our meeting like I was.

“I’m from one of the Eastern villages. I met Androkles when a chimera attacked, and he found me in the debris. The chimera had been spotted a few times before. So, we were lucky it waited to attack.” I smiled softly.

It was strange to look back on that day and be able to smile, but I can do that because of Andy.

“Though he introduced himself as Andy,” I explained. “He saved my life when he decided to bring me to the Apollo tents. He caused quite a scare.”


Is it possible the broach Nikos took from Andy as a child ended up with Ismene-Eirene's family? If it is it will make for an emotional gift.

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divarita blitz
this reminds me of the assassins Niko hired to kill her. they said she was the goddess of luck. I wonder ...
goodnovel comment avatar
how sweet about the broche! comes full circle and it had been cared for so well for all these years too great to see Cass, Dio and Ismene-Eirene all talking and getting along!
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Only the Fates know lol

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