I look horrible

The moment the nurse saw the critical state Emma was in, they didn't waste time rushing to get her from Zane, and once they had her on the stretcher, they rolled her away in a haste.

Rushing after them, Zane followed closely behind them, a sense of worry washing over him like waves.

When they reached the door, a nurse stopped him in his tracks, saying, “We will take it from here, and we have already called Dr. Roberts, and he will be right with us. Just sit in the waiting room.”

Even though Zane was hesitant, he nodded his head and took a step back as he watched her rush into the room.

As time slowly drifted by, the silence in the waiting room had Zane pacing back and forward, constantly glancing at the clock on the wall, praying for something to happen, anything, but as time passed, he just kept thinking the worst, dreading the worst.

A guy in a white coat walked up to him a few minutes later, saying in a soothing voice, “You are the husband?”

“Yes,” Zane answered with a nod.

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