Don’t make an enemy out of me

The silence in the room sent an unsettling sensation down Emma’s spine, and she opened her eyes, realizing that even after sleeping for so long, she was still in the hospital.

When she sat up and looked to her right, she saw Zane sitting in the chair by her bedside with his head resting on the sheet, sound asleep.

“Isn’t this position uncomfortable for him,” Emma mumbled with a pout, reaching her hand over Zane’s hair, wanting to touch it so badly, and yet, hesitating at the same time. She didn’t want to wake him up, but she also wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, Zane’s ringtone echoed, and before Emma could pull her hand back, he had raised his head, and it hit the palm of her hand, causing him to stare into her eyes.

“Sorry,” Emma whispered, yanking her hand to her side, looking uneasy, thinking he was going to get mad at her for waking him up.

The small smile that suddenly played on his lips made her a bit relaxed and shocking to her, he reache
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goodnovel comment avatar
I can not stop reading this novel it is so good so far!! What is next how will the son take revenge?? Aaah so much excitement can’t wait to read more!!
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Sihle KaZulu Mak
What an entertaining novel ...️...️
goodnovel comment avatar
Eden Jane Intencion
Short novels entertain readers and appreciate the author's goal.

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