You wouldn’t dare

“Is your pillow fluffy enough?” The nurse sweetly said to Emma, making her even more uncomfortable.

But she didn't want to seem rude or ungrateful for the kindness they had shown her. It's just that, well, she had never been so comfortable in a hospital room before and it freaked her out at how kind the staff was suddenly being.

A weak smile made its way to her lips as she tried hard to hide her embarrassment from her. “Yes, thank you. It is very soft.”

The nurse looked up from her notepad with a happy smile on her face. “Great! We have more fruit and juices if you are still hungry and want-”

“No, thanks. The sandwich, the soup, and the fruit were enough along with the cranberry juice.” Emma softly said, wondering why they were being so freaking kind to her. it was not her first time being at a hospital, so to her, from past experiences, it was really strange that they were dotting on her like this.

When Emma caught the nurse giving her that hesitant look, she felt awkward, knowing th
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Ose Godfrey
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Ophelia Torres Bermundo
i thought its free reading.
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very interesting read I'm enjoying reading

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