Getting a divorce

The sound of her family's voices in the dining room had Emma's heart rising in her chest as she slowly walked past the doorway, heading for the kitchen.

When she got there, the servants were not startled by her presence because sometimes, her grandmother punish her by making Emma help out in the kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning the floors, and doing other jobs that the rest of the servants did.

"Hi, Abner,” Emma said, approaching the head chef with a hesitant look on her face.

“What is it?” Abner asked, raising an eyebrow when he noticed Emma's troubled expression. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Can I ha-ve so…me… food,”


Nervous by the raise in Abner's voice, Emma began to fiddle with her hands, her mind was spinning, and her stomach felt uneasy.

“I am hungry. Can I have some food?” Emma mumbled softly.

“I have already served the table. So, why are you not in the dining room with your family, instead you are begging in here like some common servant?”

Hesitantly, Em


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I like when Zane said to trust each other. This should be. Zane needs to come clean. Emma needs to help conceal his true idtt fr her family. They're all sly foxes.
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Gracia A.
more chapters every update please.........

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