A new marriage contract

Confused about the rage burning in her grandfather's eyes, Emma hesitated, feeling Zane squeeze her hand as she tensed up.

“Come here now!” Mr. Taylor commanded sternly, making Emma flinch.

Feeling like she was being told to make a choice here, she darted her eyes to Zane and then mumbled, “I am not divorcing my husband!”

A dry laugh escaped Mr. Taylor's lips as he shook his head and then said, “I am disappointed in how much you turned out exactly like your mother... ignoring all the training, and discipline that I fought to instill in you!!”

Seeing that this situation was about to escalate, Zane stepped in, saying humbly, “Grandfather, what is the-”

“Don’t you dare refer to me with such a title, you no-good worthless piece of trash! Your lying father just broke off the agreement we had for your arranged marriage! So, I am taking my granddaughter to court to get a divorce, and when we get back, your ass should be out of my house!” Mr. Taylor barked at him.

It didn't shock Zane that hi
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