Way too far gone

Looking down at Emma as she gave him a worried glance, Zane gave her a small smile, leaned in closer to her ears and said, “They are side with Damion.”

A look of shock swept across her face as her brows snapped together in disbelief, and she asked softly, “Are you sure?”

“Watch,” Zane calmly uttered before facing his front, and for a moment, Emma didn’t take her eyes off of him, only to catch sight of the smug smile on his face before she focused on the guests.

“Who’s coming with me?” Mr. Briggs asked, seeing a bit of indecisiveness in their expression. “Take the risk with a newly established business, or get a ninety percent bonus from the one who you have been working with for years and are sure of the kind of result you are going to get.”

It took a moment, but soon it was clear the guests had chosen Mr. Briggs' side because they slowly started leaving the premises, getting into their cars, and a look of relief crossed Deborah's face as she thought, staring at her husband, ‘Thankf
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Teresa Swanson
love the story and the characters

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