What’s in the briefcase

When the doorbell rang, Zane was already at the door, knowing who it was and when he opened it, Mr. Alfred gave him a small smile.

But Zane didn't return it because he was more concerned about the dark brown hair, nerdy-looking guy who was standing behind Mr. Alfred with a briefcase in his hand.

“You didn't tell me you were bringing a guest. Emma and I only made breakfast for three.” Zane mumbled as the old man walked into the apartment followed by the guy, leaving the security detail outside.

After Mr. Alfred had taken out his cap and coat, putting it on the rack, he then looked at Zane and said, “If I would have told you, then it would have ruined the surprise.”

Then he looked at the young man beside him and said, “This is Yoko. He's good with computers and he is an International spy. I get all of my information from him because those on the field report directly to him. He has been with me for years, serving me in the shadows. But now, he's yours.”

“Mine?” Zane asked as he raised h
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