He just played himself

Remembering his last encounter with Nathan, Zane raised a brow at Mr. Parker’s words, leaning back in his chair as he questioned, “Why would you think I am the man to talk to about this?”

For a moment, Mr. Parker eyed Yoko, not knowing if he should speak in his presence, but Zane recognized his uncertainty and said, “Go on. He is with me.”

“Oh, I see...” Mr. Parker said, looking directly in Zane's eyes. “I think you can help me because of all this... because within less than two months Golden Key Co. was created, and I don't think anyone has broken the record with such accomplishment in your time frame, except for Mr. Alfred, and for that, you got my interest and respect.” Mr. Parker said, looking directly into Zane's eyes.

His straightforwardness made Zane chuckle and shake his head slightly, then he replied, “Okay then Mr. Parker, let's hear it.”

Nodding, Mr. Parker lifted a file from beneath his arm and handed it to Zane, who took it, opening the cover and glancing briefly at the i
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Why is that ??
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Carol Roland Bourne
More chapters please.. I’m with Sherrie on Nathans father
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Carol Roland Bourne
I’m not sure about Nathans father either

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